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Senate GOP Leader Blasts Malloy’s “Arrogance” After Veto of Bill Limiting Hartford Bailout

June 15, 2018 By Staff
Senate GOP Leader Blasts Malloy’s “Arrogance” After Veto of Bill Limiting Hartford Bailout

Len Fasano was not happy about Malloy's veto of a bipartisan bill.

Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) blasted Gov. Dan Malloy’s (D-Conn.) “arrogance and lack of respect for taxpayer dollars,” after Malloy vetoed a bill increasing accountability for the Hartford bailout on Thursday.

“This veto demonstrates the governor’s arrogance and lack of respect for taxpayer dollars,” Fasano wrote. “Once again, when it comes to support for the city of Hartford, Gov. Malloy completely dismisses the intent and the voice of the legislature. This veto practically ensures a rough road ahead for Hartford because absent this fix the legislature probably won’t be willing to help Hartford in the future.”

Malloy vetoed Senate Bill 528 on Thursday. The bill would lead to the “loss of state aid [to Hartford] … equal to the amount of debt service paid on behalf of the municipality pursuant to an agreement with MARB.”

According to The CT Mirror, Malloy said, of his veto:

“It is clear that Substitute Senate Bill 528 is a reflection of indignation on the part of some legislators that MARB exercised its statutory authority in coming to the aid of our capital city,” Malloy wrote in his veto measure. “However, I believe it is critical that the state have a viable mechanism in place to allow it to intervene in the case of other troubled municipalities in a way that is both effective and that holds those municipalities highly accountable. The MARB statute provides just such a framework. It is workable, it is working, and it should be left alone.”

The argument between Malloy and other leaders essentially concerns whether Hartford’s bailout will be a 20-year commitment or a five-year commitment.

The bill passed 28-6 in the Senate and 105-45 in the House.