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Senate Leader Looney: Tax Increases Are on the Table

January 19, 2017 By Staff
Senate Leader Looney: Tax Increases Are on the Table

Democratic leader Martin Looney suggested on Thursday that 2017's budget may see a "plan" similar to 2011, when the state raised taxes by $1.5 billion.

The Senate’s “top Democrat,” Martin Looney, is telling Connecticut voters that tax increases are absolutely on the table.

More from NBC Connecticut‘s Max Reiss:

The top Democrat in the Connecticut Senate, Sen. Martin Looney, proclaimed Wednesday that a deal that closely resembles the 2011 budget agreement might be needed in 2017.

That agreement led to $1.5 billion in tax hikes, in addition to spending cuts.

“I think that we need actually a plan that incorporates, as we had in 2011, a substantial number of cuts, some state employee concessions, and some new revenues,” said Looney, the President Pro Tem in the Connecticut Senate.

Connecticut voters may remember the 2011 budget agreement well. It raised $1.5 billion in “increased taxes on income, corporations and an array of purchases and services, from yachts to yoga classes.” It also raised the sales tax, and removed sales tax exemptions.

The deal helped Connecticut have the second-largest state and local tax burden in the nation (according to the Tax Foundation). A 2017 deal like 2011 may put Connecticut into first.