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Senate Republicans, and One Dem, Vote Down Malloy’s Chief Justice Nomination

March 28, 2018 By Staff
Senate Republicans, and One Dem, Vote Down Malloy’s Chief Justice Nomination

The rejection of Justice Andrew McDonald, Gov. Dan Malloy's (D-Conn.) choice to be Connecticut's new chief justice, is a resounding political defeat for Malloy.

Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) experienced the latest resounding defeat of his governorship on Tuesday, after the Connecticut Senate voted down his nomination for chief justice, Justice Andrew McDonald, by a 19-16 vote.

The Senate vote featured all 18 Republicans voting against the nomination, one Democrat (Joan Hartley), one Democrat abstaining (Gayle Slossberg), and 16 Democrats voting for the nomination.

In remarks and a press conference after the vote, Malloy strongly suggested that people who voted against or opposed McDonald’s nomination were prejudiced, biased, or anti-gay.

Part of those remarks:

There was much talk in today’s debate about homophobia. You’ve heard my comments on that topic, so I will just add one thing I haven’t said before, which is this: A person doesn’t need to use homophobic slurs in order for their actions to be homophobic. In fact, a person doesn’t even need to consciously know they are acting with bias at all. This is a documented and researched phenomenon known as “unconscious bias.”

Malloy joins other Democrats in advancing the argument that opposition to his hand-picked chief justice nominee is evidence of anti-gay “bias” by Republicans.

Two Republicans running for state House this year pushed back on those arguments earlier in March.

McDonald is a former Democratic state senator and a longtime ally to Malloy.