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OP-ED: Senator Murphy, Here’s a Blueprint for Solving DACA and Immigration

January 19, 2018 By Dominic Rapini
OP-ED: Senator Murphy, Here’s a Blueprint for Solving DACA and Immigration

Dominic Rapini, a U.S. Senate candidate running against Chris Murphy, offers his thoughts on immigration and the DACA issue.

Our country has a real opportunity to solve the issues of illegal immigration and restore the rule of law to our borders, our cities and our country.

I would like to offer Senator Murphy some advice on how to collaborate in a bi-partisan way that spares the Dreamers from their perpetual loop of reapplying for legal status while fixing fundamental flaws in our immigration system. The guiding principle is that living in the United States is a privilege, not a right. Let us extend this privilege to the Dreamers and here is how we do it:

1) Motivation: Senator Murphy, start by actually wanting to solve the immigration problem that our country faces, especially for those immigrants designated as Dreamers. It is more productive solving immigration problems through solid bipartisan legislation than by appearing to be the champion of illegal aliens held up in a church and doing nothing substantive about it. I suggest fewer photo-ops and gratuitous TV appearances, and more action.

2) Legislate: Create a law that is designed to protect Americans and the American worker first. Remember…they also have dreams. By doing this we can help both American workers and the Dreamers who are here through no fault of their own.

3) Security: Secure the border by using all means possible. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of a wall, fence, drones, additional personnel or whatever our Border Patrol recommends. By not protecting our borders, then we will continue to be plagued by this problem which has become demonstratively worse over the last 30 years. Let’s do it right and let’s do it once and for all.

4) Law Enforcement: End Sanctuary Cities. The safety of American citizens is more important than the protection of criminals deemed illegal aliens. Make the unlawful act of shielding criminals from deportation part of this legislation.

5) Immigration Reform: Work to eliminate chain migration and the visa lottery. Immigration should be based on the needs of our country, and not a random act of charity that does not serve the needs of our country.

6) Most Important: It’s not about you, Senator Murphy. It is about getting the best job done for our state, our country and its citizens. Please put the needs of Americans ahead of your party and your political ambitions.

Dominic Rapini is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

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