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Some CT Dems Pitch Free Community College for All

February 28, 2018 By Staff
Some CT Dems Pitch Free Community College for All

With a broken budget, it's unclear how Connecticut taxpayers could afford free community college for all.

Once again, the idea of free community college for all Connecticut residents is making its way around the capital.

CTNewsJunkie‘s Parker Fiske reported:

There are eight bills that simply say the state will provide tuition-free community college to Connecticut residents. State funding and various partnerships with businesses represent the primary mechanisms to pay for the measure, but it is not definitive.

There is no doubt the rising cost of college tuition has been a hot-button issue, especially in Connecticut with the state’s high price of living. Students across the state are feeling the heavy financial burden of higher education.

It’s unclear who would qualify. Just last year, a bill that would have stuck Connecticut taxpayers with the cost of education benefits for undocumented students residing in Connecticut failed in the legislature.

This year alone, the state faces a $163 million budget deficit. In the coming years, the nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis (OFA) projects the state will face billions more in budget deficits.

While Democrats back the measure, it’s unclear how Connecticut taxpayers could afford tuition-free community college for all residents.