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Stefanowski, Lamont Debate Over Malloy, Trump, Taxes, and More

September 13, 2018 By Staff
Stefanowski, Lamont Debate Over Malloy, Trump, Taxes, and More

The major-party nominees for governor met in New London on Wednesday night, and debate for about an hour.

Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob Stefanowski and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ned Lamont met on a debate stage for the first time on Wednesday night. The two candidates fielded questions about the state’s budget crises, taxes, spending, state employee unions and more, but spent most of the debate sniping at each other.

WTNH, which co-hosted the debate, posted a two-minute summary of the debate on their YouTube page on Thursday:

An unverified YouTube user also posted the full, 51-minute debate on YouTube on Wednesday evening.

Stefanowski and Lamont sparred primarily on two existing elected officials, Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) and President Donald Trump. Stefanowski argued Lamont would be worse than Malloy, and Lamont argued that Stefanowski is close to Trump.

Both candidates evaded specifics at points in the debate. Neither candidate would give specific spending cuts they would make to balance the state’s budget and to pay for their tax-cut plans. Stefanowski wants to eliminate the state’s income tax, and Lamont wants to cut property taxes.

Lamont criticized Stefanowski for his plan to cut the income tax, calling it unrealistic. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), a Lamont supporter, echoed Lamont’s claims on Thursday:

Trump was less of a subject in the debate than some would expect, given Lamont has tried to make the case that electing Stefanowski would be like electing Trump in Connecticut. Lamont did, though, criticize Stefanowski and the GOP over the tax-cut bill passed in Congress last year, immigration policy, and more.

The candidates will debate again on Monday.