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Surprise After Kindergarten Class Seen Walking By Anti-Gun-Violence Rally

February 22, 2018 By Staff
Surprise After Kindergarten Class Seen Walking By Anti-Gun-Violence Rally

How will parents react after their young children walked by an anti-gun violence rally in Killingly?

Yesterday, WINY Radio shared a video of a kindergarten class walking by an anti-gun-violence protest at Killingly High School in Dayville.

The footage, obtained from a parent who attended the rally, was featured on the WINY Radio’s Facebook feed. A local kindergarten teacher can be seen leading her class on a walk to the front Killingly High School.

The video was removed due to complaints from local parents, but after just two hours online the comments were filled with intense emotions. After removing the video, WINY elaborated on the teacher’s explanation, which was that during a walk prompted by the warm weather the students seemingly stumbled upon the protest and the teacher, along with an unidentified parent joining in on the rally, chanted “stop the violence” briefly.
Many thought the school officials in question were politicizing children. While school trips are part of any curriculum, it remains unclear to if parents were aware of the children being brought by an anti-gun-violence rally.

The high school gun-violence protest was unplanned, part of a broader national walk-out movement in the wake of the recent shooting at a Florida, high school.

WINY Radio noted that school officials requested a police presence around 12:15 pm, but by 12:45 pm students had returned to class without incident:

“FROM THE NEWSROOM: (KILLINGLY, UPDATED) State police responded to a student walk-out at the Killingly High School this afternoon, which was in protest to the national epidemic of school gun violence, according to law enforcement officials School officials made the call requesting police presence around 12:15 pm this afternoon, but at around 12:45 pm police told WINY that all students had already been brought back into the building.”

Superintendent of Schools Steve Rioux released a statement noting that the local “police had no interaction with any students”:

Superintendent of Schools Steve Rioux released a statement saying there were seventeen students who walked out of school, all of them were met with by him to answer questions and gain insight on their concerns, police had no interaction with any students, and that they were then allowed to return to class.

A quick Google Maps search can show the walk the kindergarten class took was at least around twenty minutes, including crossing a significant intersection between schools.