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Tax Day Reminder: CT Has Last “Tax Freedom Day” in the U.S.

April 17, 2018 By Staff
Tax Day Reminder: CT Has Last “Tax Freedom Day” in the U.S.

Tax Day is sadder than most for Connecticut taxpayers, given the state's "Tax Freedom Day" is last in the nation.

April 17 is Tax Day in 2018, and it’s the deadline for most Americans to file their federal tax returns. For some, Tax Day is the joyous day they’re done with tax work and can look forward to a refund. For others, Tax Day is a sullen day they pay money they owe to Uncle Sam.

But Tax Day is a sadder day than most for Connecticut taxpayers, as the state still has a month-plus to go until it reaches its “Tax Freedom Day.”

The day, as defined by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, “represents how long into the year Americans work before they have earned enough money to pay all federal, state, and local taxes for the year.”

For Americans, Tax Freedom Day 2017 was April 23. In 2018, it’s April 19.

But in Connecticut, Tax Freedom Day 2017 (May 21) was a month after the U.S. Tax Freedom Day, and the latest Tax Freedom Day in the nation.

Some other stats pulled by the Tax Foundation:

  • Connecticut had the second-highest “state-local tax burden as a share of state income” (12.6 percent) in the Tax Foundation’s latest study; only New York was higher
  • Connecticut was ranked 44th of 50 states on the “2018 State Business Tax Climate Index”
  • Connecticut had the fifth-highest “state tax collections per capita” ($4,249 per person) in the Tax Foundation’s latest study

The 2018 gubernatorial campaign has already been dominated, at least on the Republican side, by conversations of how to reduce the tax burden. Expect more of that in the fall.