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The Toll Battles Continue: Danbury Stands Opposed

January 30, 2017 By Staff
The Toll Battles Continue: Danbury Stands Opposed

Legislators near one of Connecticut's largest cities, Danbury – including one Democrat – have come out in opposition to the idea of reinstating tolls.

Add Danbury to the list of areas opposed to reinstating tolls in Connecticut. The Danbury News-Times reports that area legislators on both sides of the aisle are coming out in opposition to the tolls idea:

“It’s the proposal that never goes away,” said state Rep. Robert Godfrey, a Democratic who represents Danbury. “The usual suspects are out there on both sides. We could divide the Legislature into those who live in the middle of the state and want border tolls, to those who live on the state’s borders and want nothing to do with it.”

…[State Sen. Toni Boucher (R-Wilton)] added that the Danbury area’s economy would also suffer from toll proposals, particularly given that nearly 50 percent of those shopping at the Danbury Fair mall come from outside of Connecticut.

Mayor Mark Boughton, who was not quoted in the News-Times piece, seemed to tweet his own opposition to tolls on Sunday evening:

In an interview with Reclaim Connecticut last week, Mayor Boughton said he doesn’t support increasing taxes as a way to solve Connecticut’s budget crisis.