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Tolls May Be Out for ’18, But Lamont, Bysiewicz, and Ganim All Support Them

May 4, 2018 By Staff
Tolls May Be Out for ’18, But Lamont, Bysiewicz, and Ganim All Support Them

The top three Democratic gubernatorial contenders are all on board for tolls, and could push for them in 2019 if elected in 2018.

The push to reinstate tolls in Connecticut appears to be dead for 2018, according to House of Representatives Speaker Joe Aresimowicz (D-Berlin).

But Connecticut drivers should not assume tolls will never again appear on the Democrats’ agenda. In fact, if Democrats keep the governorship in 2018 and retain control of one or both chambers of the legislature, they could bring tolls back as early as 2019.

Why is this a possibility? Because the top three Democratic gubernatorial contenders have all pledged their support for tolls.

Here’s Ned Lamont in January 2018 (via The CT Mirror):

What Lamont is willing to smash in the name of rebooting the state’s finances and its economy is unclear. He embraced electronic tolling to finance overdue transportation infrastructure, expressed an openness to expanding the sales-tax base and said he believed there is a widespread willingness to accept sacrifice — if it leads to stabilizing the state’s finances and sets the stage for economic growth.

And Susan Bysiewicz in February 2018 (via Kevin Rennie’s Daily Ructions):

Public policy has never been in Susan Bysiewicz’s comfort zone. The Middletown Democrat has been emphasizing her preference for politics over substance as she explores a race for governor. The former secretary of state made a plan to raise impose $3 billion a year in tolls a staple of if her thin platform.

And Mayor Joe Ganim (D-Bridgeport) in January 2018 (via CT News Junkie):

Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim didn’t specifically mention tolls when he spoke about his desire to invest in transportation infrastructure, but after the forum he said he absolutely supports tolls.

Tolls may not pass in Connecticut in 2018, as Aresimowicz doesn’t have the votes. But if Lamont, Bysiewicz, or Ganim is governor in 2019, and Democrats keep control of the House and/or the Senate, Connecticut could just be a few simple votes away from tolls on all major highways.