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Treasurer Campaign Heats Up, as Linares Announces 32 Endorsements

February 20, 2018 By Staff
Treasurer Campaign Heats Up, as Linares Announces 32 Endorsements

State Sen. Art Linares (R-Westbrook) has earned the support of many of his colleagues as he launches a run for state treasurer.

State Sen. Art Linares (R-Westbrook), a new candidate for state treasurer, announced last week the endorsement of 32 of his colleagues in the state legislature.

Eleven of Linares’ 17 fellow GOP state senators endorsed him:

  • Sen. Len Fasano – 32nd
  • Sen. Kevin Witkos – 8th
  • Sen. L. Scott Frantz – 36th
  • Sen. Tony Guglielmo – 35th
  • Sen. Eric Berthel – 32nd
  • Sen. Henri Martin – 31st
  • Sen. George Logan – 17th
  • Sen. Heather Somers – 18th
  • Sen. Joe Markley – 16th
  • Sen. Paul Formica – 20th
  • Sen. Tony Hwang – 28th

Fasano is the Republican President Pro Tempore of the state senate. Markley is also a candidate for statewide office, for lieutenant governor.

Twenty-one state representatives endorsed Linares, more than a quarter of the GOP caucus in the state house.

“I am honored to have received these endorsements from such a broad array of Republican leaders from across this great state,” Linares said, “and look forward to serving the citizens as their next State Treasurer.”

Thad Gray, the other Republican candidate for treasurer, also announced endorsements last week.