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Trump Approval in CT is Low, Still 13 Net Points Better Than Malloy

January 30, 2018 By Staff
Trump Approval in CT is Low, Still 13 Net Points Better Than Malloy

The controversial president is still doing much better than the lame-duck governor in the state of Connecticut.

Gallup released President Donald Trump’s approval rating in all 50 states on Tuesday morning, ahead of Trump’s first State of the Union address.

Unsurprisingly, the controversial president is doing poorly in true-blue Connecticut, with a net approval rating of -32 points.

Trump’s approval rating in Connecticut, 31 percent, is better than only six other states (New York, Maryland, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Vermont), plus Washington, D.C.

But here’s the kicker: Trump’s net approval is still 13 points better than the net approval rating of Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.), according to Morning Consult‘s October 2017 measure of Malloy’s approval rating.

  • Donald Trump approval, Gallup, January 2018: 31 percent approve, 63 percent disapprove (net -32 points)
  • Dan Malloy approval, Morning Consult, October 2017: 23 percent approve, 68 percent disapprove (net -45 points)

Trump is doing poorly in the state, which chose Hillary Clinton over Trump in November 2016. But Malloy, who has exhausted Connecticut voters with high taxes and perpetual budget crises, is doing far worse.