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Two Big Words Malloy Didn’t Mention in His State of the State Address

February 7, 2018 By Staff
Two Big Words Malloy Didn’t Mention in His State of the State Address

Malloy talked a lot about "fairness," and even a little about the Congress in Washington, D.C., but very little about the most important issues to Connecticut residents.

Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) gave what is expected to be his final “State of the State” address on Wednesday, but missing from his speech were two big words that matter deeply to Connecticut residents.

Malloy’s prepared text omitted any mention of the “economy” (or “economic”), and “tax” (or “taxes”).

Reclaim Connecticut predicted Malloy would talk about his tax proposals in his address, but we were wrong: it turns out Malloy didn’t want to talk about the state of the state’s economy, or its high tax burden, at all.

Other items of note:

  • Malloy mentioned the “budget,” in relation to the state’s budget, only twice, at the beginning of the prepared text
  • Malloy mentioned “cost,” in relation to the general cost of living, only once

Meanwhile, Malloy used the term “Connecticut Fairness” about 20 times, in an apparent effort to describe both his legacy and his goals for his last year in office.

Malloy also took time to mention “Congress,” in Washington, D.C., four times.

Reclaim Connecticut readers may be upset to know Malloy took no time to talk about Connecticut’s stagnant economy, though, nor the state’s taxes.