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UConn Pays Fired Football Coach $3.4 Million

January 7, 2017 By Staff
UConn Pays Fired Football Coach $3.4 Million

Connecticut faces a budget crisis, but one man is making out well: fired UConn football coach Bob Diaco.

At the end of December, UConn fired football coach Bob Diaco after a 3-9 season. There’s some outrage, though, over Diaco’s $3.4 million buyout.

More from the Hartford Courant‘s Matthew Kauffman:

UConn Monday abruptly announced Diaco’s termination after just three years on the job, triggering a $3.4 million buyout clause in the coach’s contract.

According to Kauffman, UConn is paying Diaco through its “division of athletic revenues.” This would mean taxpayers are not bailing out Diaco.

But, Kauffman adds, some question if the university can really segregate “operating revenue from student and taxpayer revenue”:

The school has taken pains to say the university’s share comes from segregated accounts that do not include tuition or state funds. But critics see the university’s and athletics department’s budgets as homogenous taxpayer-supported piles of money. So can the department really segregate its operating revenue from student and taxpayer revenue?

It’s a time of budget austerity in Hartford, so the $3.4 million buyout certainly looks bad. To make matters worse, Diaco’s firing won’t kick in until 2017. This is because a dismissal in 2016 would cost UConn $5 million.