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Under Scrutiny, State Unions Insist on Higher Taxes

January 7, 2017 By Staff
Under Scrutiny, State Unions Insist on Higher Taxes

The government reportedly wants union concessions in 2017. The unions say 'hell no,' insisting instead on higher taxes.

Gov. Malloy’s budget director wants union concessions in 2017. The CT Mirror has more:

With Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s proposal less than seven weeks away, his budget director warned that, unless unions grant further concessions, avoiding major tax hikes probably would require significant cuts to municipal aid, social services and higher education — and more layoffs.

Pension payments have doubled, in some cases, since Gov. Mally took office. Even Ben Barnes, Malloy’s budget director, admitted state unions have “extraordinarily generous” benefits.

Union bosses, though, want the budget burden to fall on taxpayers:

Labor leaders also have noted neither layoffs nor concessions would be likely to provide enough savings to preserve local aid, and that further state tax hikes are unavoidable.

…“I think we have to raise revenue at some point,” [AFSCME Council 4 Executive Director Sal] Luciano said. “I said it from the beginning.”

Unions made concessions in a deal with Malloy in 2011. However, the most recent deal “didn’t make changes to retirement benefits or contributions.”