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Union Deal Vote on Monday; Three Dem Senators Hold the Keys

July 31, 2017 By Staff
Union Deal Vote on Monday; Three Dem Senators Hold the Keys

The Connecticut Senate will vote on whether or not to approve of Dan Malloy's deal with the unions on Monday. Any one of three Democratic senators can knock it down.

The eyes of Connecticut will be on three Democratic senators this Monday, as the Connecticut Senate plans to take a vote on approving the wages and benefits deal struck by Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) and state employee unions.

To review…

The gist of the deal, as previously covered by Reclaim Connecticut, is as follows:

  • Malloy gets $1.5 billion in wage and benefit concessions from state employee unions over the next two fiscal years, and further savings down the road
  • State employee unions get a five-year extension on their generous benefits package, from 2023 through 2027

How will the Senate vote?

The Senate currently has an even split of Republicans and Democrats, 18 each.

All 18 Republicans are expected to vote against approving of the deal, meaning President Pro Tempore Martin Looney (D-New Haven) – who supports the deal – cannot afford any defections from his party.

If all 18 Democrats stand with Looney and approve of the deal – which the unions approved of earlier this month and which extends their benefits to 2027 – then Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman (D-Conn.) is expected to cast the tie-breaking vote in favor of approving of the deal.

Whose vote should I watch?

According to multiple press reports, three moderate Democratic senators have hedged on whether they will support the deal:

  • Sen. Paul Doyle (D-Wethersfield)
  • Sen. Joan Hartley (D-Waterbury)
  • Sen. Gayle Slossberg (D-Milford)

Looney will be working those three senators hard today as he works to win approval of the deal.