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Uproar Over Conservative Speaker on UConn’s Campus

January 25, 2018 By Staff
Uproar Over Conservative Speaker on UConn’s Campus

The university offered "counseling services to those who might feel offended" that Shapiro, an outspoken conservative, was attending a campus event.

UConn is back in the news, as a recent event on campus with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has some members of the UConn community up in arms. In mere preparation for the speech, which took place on January 24, UConn’s administration felt a need to make counseling available for students:

Earlier this month, Associate Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Joelle Murchison sent a letter to UConn students offering counseling services to those who might feel offended by Shapiro’s upcoming event, according to The Daily Wire.

Last year, when Shapiro spoke at The University of California, Berkeley, officials there also made counseling available to students:

The University of California, Berkeley is offering enhanced security and counseling services to students for former Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro’s speech on campus next week.

At the same time, the UConn speech by the controversial former Breitbart editor sold out within minutes upon its announcement.

In the wake of the controversy, some have claimed there’s a bias against conservative speakers on college campuses, and ask some if people have a right not to be offended.

The notion that the thought of Ben Shapiro speech was enough for some to believe students need counseling? If exposing students to differing or controversial opinions is so painful at UConn, then the state’s pride in its higher education leaders may be misplaced.