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WalletHub: Connecticut #48 (out of 51) on States to Retire

January 24, 2017 By Staff
WalletHub: Connecticut #48 (out of 51) on States to Retire

The finance site WalletHub warned readers that Connecticut – despite its high quality of life – ranked near last in affordability for retirees.

On Monday, WalletHub released its annual “Best & Worst States to Retire” list.

Connecticut, unfortunately, was ranked 48th out of 51 (the 50 states plus D.C.). Although Connecticut comes through on “Quality of Life” (13th) and “Health Care” (15th), affordability (49th) sinks the Nutmeg State.

Source: WalletHub

Only Washington, D.C., Alaska, and Rhode Island rank lower than Connecticut.

Connecticut was also 48th on WalletHub’s “Taxpayer” Ranking, no surprise given the Tax Foundation has found Connecticut has the second-highest state and local tax burden in the nation.

There were some positive results for Connecticut from WalletHub. It ranked ninth in “Best States to Raise a Family.” It also ranked 18th in “Best & Worst Health Care” (though it ranked 46th in “Health Care Costs”).