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Watch Dan Malloy Morph Into Ned Lamont in This New Ad

May 22, 2018 By Staff
Watch Dan Malloy Morph Into Ned Lamont in This New Ad

It's part of a new digital advertisement from David Stemerman, a businessman and Republican candidate for governor.

It may be a scary sight for Republicans: Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) morphing into the Democrat who wants to replace him this fall, Ned Lamont.

But David Stemerman, one of six Republican candidates for governor competing, or trying to compete, in this August’s GOP primary, has made that vision a reality in a new digital ad released Tuesday.

“For too long, Connecticut has been led by politicians who only know how to spend money, and where has it gotten us?” Stemerman asks in the ad. “High taxes, jobs leaving, the state near bankruptcy.”

Stemerman’s ad appears to be the first of this election cycle specifically targeting either Malloy or Lamont. Both are expected to be focuses of the Republicans running for governor this summer, and the one who makes it out with the nomination this fall.

“If voters in Connecticut want to know what four years of a Lamont-Bysiewicz Administration would be like they don’t need to look any further than the last 8 years of Dannel Malloy, only with even more taxes, union giveaways and job-killing government regulations,” Stemerman said.