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Welcome to Reclaim Connecticut

January 9, 2017 By Staff
Welcome to Reclaim Connecticut

An alternative to mainstream media on Connecticut politics.

Welcome to Reclaim Connecticut!

Reclaim Connecticut (RCT) is an alternative to mainstream media on Connecticut politics. RCT’s mission is to offer no-frills news to anyone interested in the direction of our state.

Two Connecticut natives founded RCT in 2016. They realized Connecticut media report what our leaders say, but refuse to question it. They tell how policies will impact politicians, but not taxpayers.

RCT looks to change that. We will help readers reclaim Connecticut with coverage that runs counter to the mainstream.

When you come to, expect coverage of:

  • The governor and his proposals
  • The legislature and their activity
  • Businesses, especially those who are considering leaving
  • Political candidates, and how they want to change Connecticut

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Thanks for joining us.