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What Trump Had to Say About a Blumenthal 2020 Run

October 12, 2018 By Staff
What Trump Had to Say About a Blumenthal 2020 Run

The president blasted Blumenthal in an interview with the Washington Examiner and addressed, unprompted, the senior senator's 2020 chances.

President Trump went on an extended attack against Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) in an interview with the D.C.-based Washington Examiner published on Thursday.

Reclaim Connecticut has pointed out that Trump has gone after Blumenthal with particular vigor since Blumenthal expressed his strong opposition to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s elevation to the Supreme Court on a national stage.

In his Examiner interview, Trump reprised some of his favorite lines about Blumenthal, some of which are true and some of which are false. But what was new in the interview published Thursday was that Trump mused about Blumenthal’s 2020 chances.

Bottom line? Trump’s not impressed (emphasis ours).

“The greatest, he’s not running of course – he could never do that – but the greatest is Da Nang Dick,” Trump said, using the derisive nickname he has given Blumenthal, who was a Marine Corps reservist during the Vietnam War and wrongly claimed years ago that he “served in Vietnam” but never said he was in Da Nang province.

As the Examiner pointed out, there is no public record of Blumenthal saying he served in Da Nang. Reclaim Connecticut did its own check, and found no evidence the senior senator claimed at any time he served specifically in that area of Vietnam.

Trump went with it anyway:

“Da Nang Dick. We call him Da Nang because it was Da Nang province. He said, ‘When I was Da Nang province, going up the hill, my buddies falling left and right.’ The guy was never … If you remember, he dropped out of the race and then he won, because he’s a Democrat. It’s impossible not to win in Connecticut.”

It appears these quotes Trump attributes to Blumenthal are either misattributed or made up.

Blumenthal did, indeed, suggest he served in Vietnam for years. He apologized for it, and it became a campaign controversy for him in 2010. But he did not weep upon apologizing, as Trump has claimed, nor did Blumenthal suggest bullets were whizzing by him in battle.