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Where Does Connecticut Rank on Most Liberal States?

February 6, 2017 By Staff
Where Does Connecticut Rank on Most Liberal States?

Gallup released its annual survey of political ideology by state, and Connecticut ranks pretty high on the list of most liberal states.

Gallup released its annual list of top conservative and top liberal states in the U.S. Connecticut is tied for third for the most liberal state, and is also the third least-conservative state.

In 2016, 27 percent of Connecticut adults identified as “conservative,” 38 percent identified as “moderate,” and 31 percent as “liberal.”

Gallup's map of red and blue states

Connecticut was one of only four states (along with Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York) to have more liberals than conservatives. Only Massachusetts and Vermont had more liberals (33% of Massachusetts, 40% of Vermont).

Still, Republicans and conservatives should not despair. One state that’s more liberal than Connecticut in the survey, Massachusetts, elected a Republican governor in 2014. A state that has the same proportion of liberals, Maine, also elected a Republican governor in 2014 (and has a Republican senator).