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Where Does Your CT County Rank for Health?

March 29, 2017 By Staff
Where Does Your CT County Rank for Health?

A new report released by the University of Wisconsin ranks Connecticut’s eight counties in terms of health factors and outcomes. Reclaim Connecticut talks to one expert behind the study.

On Wednesday, the University of Wisconsin released a new study ranking counties for health factors and outcomes, in Connecticut and America’s other 49 states.

The rankings in Connecticut? Tolland County (#1 for outcomes, #2 for factors) and Middlesex County (#1 for factors, #2 for outcomes) are Connecticut’s healthiest counties. Windham County (#7 for outcomes, #8 for factors) and New Haven County (#7 for factors, #8 for counties) are Connecticut’s least healthy counties.

Reclaim Connecticut talked to the University of Wisconsin’s Jan O’Neill for more context on what this study means for Connecticut.

“Good things [are] happening” in Connecticut, O’Neill said. “You’ve got some really good numbers.”

But, O’Neill added, there are areas where Connecticut can improve. She noted Connecticut has higher “excessive drinking” numbers than the national average, and that the state can work to provide more equal opportunities for health.

O’Neill said that much of the issues facing Connecticut, and other states across the country, can be addressed with local action. “This is really about health locally, and what can be done locally,” O’Neill said. “It’s a spur to action.”

“Whether you’re [county] #1 or [county] #8, there’s always something that you can do as a community,” O’Neill added. The study’s “Health Gaps Report” has policy recommendations for the local and state level, on alcohol and drug use, employment, income, housing, and more.

“There’s always something that can be done,” O’Neill said.