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Where the 5 GOP Gov Candidates Stand On…Bringing Biz Back to Connecticut

August 10, 2018 By Staff
Where the 5 GOP Gov Candidates Stand On…Bringing Biz Back to Connecticut

The third part in Reclaim Connecticut's eight-part series, examining where the Republican gubernatorial candidates stand on key issues facing primary voters.

On August 14, Connecticut Republicans will go to the polls to decide on a five-way primary for the Republican nomination for governor.

They can choose between party-endorsed Mayor Mark Boughton (R-Danbury), former First Selectman Tim Herbst (R-Trumbull), businessman Steve Obsitnik, businessman Bob Stefanowski, and businessman David Stemerman.

Reclaim Connecticut reached out to all five candidates with eight key questions facing Republican voters who go to the polls on August 14. We will post their answers in an eight-part series.

For part three, we focused on attracting businesses to Connecticut, and keeping them here. We asked the candidates to: “Propose at least one way to incentivize businesses to stay in Connecticut, or set up shop here.”

Here are their answers, in the order we received them.


“Companies have fled across state borders in droves due to the high cost of doing business in Connecticut –from both high taxes and costly regulations. That’s why GE left to move to Massachusetts, which when I was growing up there was labeled Taxachusetts. Our current headline 7.5% corporate income tax rate and 7% personal income tax rate are anti-growth and uncompetitive – so much so that Connecticut has been ranked #44 in terms of our state income tax. My plan is to cut our business tax down to 5% whether you are a small business or a large corporation. In addition, we will slash regulations across the board that is driving up the cost of energy, health care and compliance.”

“We will also attract businesses with a world-class workforce. We will bring businesses and educators together to develop curriculum and internship programs so that our employers get highly productive workers with the exact skills they need to thrive.”


“Getting rid of the income tax is essential to attracting new business. Connecticut was recently ranked the 7th worst state in which to start a business. Meanwhile, Texas, a state with no income tax, ranked number one. When we remove the income tax, the people of Connecticut will have more money in their pockets, the businesses of Connecticut will have more money to hire and expand, and the people will spend their hard earned money right here in the state.”


“If we unwind regulations and needless impediments to letting businesses start and grow here, we can make a huge difference in employers’ lives. The current First Five approach of picking winners and losers and offering subsidies to incredibly profitable corporations just for moving from one town in Connecticut to another is wrongheaded.”


Herbst’s campaign did not respond to multiple inquiries from Reclaim Connecticut.


Obsitnik’s campaign did not respond to multiple inquiries from Reclaim Connecticut.