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Where the 5 GOP Gov Candidates Stand On…Debt

August 13, 2018 By Staff
Where the 5 GOP Gov Candidates Stand On…Debt

The fifth part in Reclaim Connecticut's eight-part series, examining where the Republican gubernatorial candidates stand on key issues facing primary voters.

On August 14, Connecticut Republicans will go to the polls to decide on a five-way primary for the Republican nomination for governor.

They can choose between party-endorsed Mayor Mark Boughton (R-Danbury), former First Selectman Tim Herbst (R-Trumbull), businessman Steve Obsitnik, businessman Bob Stefanowski, and businessman David Stemerman.

Reclaim Connecticut reached out to all five candidates with eight key questions facing Republican voters who go to the polls on August 14. We will post their answers in an eight-part series.

For part five, we focused on debt. We asked the candidates: “Connecticut is facing down years of deficits and high debts to pay down. Please offer at least one way you would meaningfully cut down on annual deficits and long-term debt.”

Here are their answers, in the order we received them.


“Any candidate who isn’t tackling the looming pensions crisis that Connecticut faces isn’t taking our state’s problems seriously. Our state spends the highest percentage of any in the nation on retirement benefits and servicing our debt – a completely unsustainable situation that has only gotten worse under Dan Malloy. This has caused families and businesses to flee Connecticut in droves.”

“My plan to take on the state labor union leaders – and their Hartford enablers – shows toughness and a practical approach that will help us restructure our debt and get the taxpayer out of the business of funding unsustainable pensions. This plan will free up billions every year to return to the taxpayer and to job-creators with tax relief, and to better allocate so we can take care of our most vulnerable citizens, who have been left behind by the Malloy Administration.”


“We will implement zero based budgeting to reduce fraud, waste and abuse. As CFO at UBS Investment Bank, I reduced cost by over 1.0 Billion that year; I can do the same for Connecticut.”


“We simply borrow too much and put operating costs on the state’s credit cards. Our long-term pension obligations can be reduced by fashioning a plan similar to the one we put in place in Danbury that allows for voluntary buyouts of state pensions through lump-sum deals with employees and retirees.”


Herbst’s campaign did not respond to multiple inquiries from Reclaim Connecticut.


Obsitnik’s campaign did not respond to multiple inquiries from Reclaim Connecticut.