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Where the 5 GOP Gov Candidates Stand On…Facing the Dems This Fall

August 14, 2018 By Staff
Where the 5 GOP Gov Candidates Stand On…Facing the Dems This Fall

The seventh part in Reclaim Connecticut's eight-part series, examining where the Republican gubernatorial candidates stand on key issues facing primary voters.

On August 14, Connecticut Republicans will go to the polls to decide on a five-way primary for the Republican nomination for governor.

They can choose between party-endorsed Mayor Mark Boughton (R-Danbury), former First Selectman Tim Herbst (R-Trumbull), businessman Steve Obsitnik, businessman Bob Stefanowski, and businessman David Stemerman.

Reclaim Connecticut reached out to all five candidates with eight key questions facing Republican voters who go to the polls on August 14. We will post their answers in an eight-part series.

For part seven, we asked the candidates: “If you’re the nominee this fall, how would you contrast yourself with Ned Lamont? How would you contrast yourself with Joe Ganim?”

Here are their answers, in the order we received them.


“The contrast of my vision for Connecticut with Ned Lamont and Joe Ganim is stark. Both of them would continue to pursue the ruinous policies of Dan Malloy, but would be even worse than what we have now. Both are running from the left flank of the Democratic Party, which is increasingly a fringe party whose economic policies would spell calamity for Connecticut. Voters here are tired of extreme liberal policies that have brought our state to the brink of bankruptcy– it’s exactly what we’ve seen under Dan Malloy, and it’s why he’s consistently ranked as one of the most unpopular Governors in the country. My vision, based on core Republican principles, is to save our state from a financial crisis that is threatening our families and businesses and to rebuild our strengths so we can create opportunity for all.”

“On a personal level, the contrast between myself and Ned Lamont, the likely Democratic nominee, is simple: I’ve made my money and my own success; Ned inherited his. Ned’s so out of touch with reality, he won’t be able to connect with voters or address the real problems we’re facing. You’ll see that reflected in the final vote come November, when we turn Connecticut red.”


“Ned Lamont and Joe Ganim are two far left liberals that want to double down on failed policies of Dan Malloy. They don’t want to cut taxes, they want to raise them. There couldn’t be a clearer contrast; I grew up in New Haven. I worked hard to be successful and can translate that success to Connecticut. I am the candidate that will protect our rights under the Constitution, I am the candidate that will reduce taxes, and I am the candidate that will finally put Connecticut first.”


“The contrast with either of the two Democratic candidates could not be more stark. Ned Lamont is a wealthy, liberal candidate who has offered himself up to special interests, predictably public labor unions, to do their bidding in Hartford. He has no experience in public service. Mayor Ganim is well known to the people of Bridgeport and the state but his allegiance to Democratic power brokers and state unions is troubling and will only make matters worse if he is elected.”


Herbst’s campaign did not respond to multiple inquiries from Reclaim Connecticut.


Obsitnik’s campaign did not respond to multiple inquiries from Reclaim Connecticut.