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Where the 5 GOP Gov Candidates Stand On…Tolls

August 9, 2018 By Staff
Where the 5 GOP Gov Candidates Stand On…Tolls

The first part in Reclaim Connecticut's eight-part series, examining where the Republican gubernatorial candidates stand on key issues facing primary voters.

On August 14, Connecticut Republicans will go to the polls to decide on a five-way primary for the Republican nomination for governor.

They can choose between party-endorsed Mayor Mark Boughton (R-Danbury), former First Selectman Tim Herbst (R-Trumbull), businessman Steve Obsitnik, businessman Bob Stefanowski, and businessman David Stemerman.

Reclaim Connecticut reached out to all five candidates with eight key questions facing Republican voters who go to the polls on August 14. We will post their answers in an eight-part series.

For part one, we focused on tolls. We asked the candidates: “A top issue this fall will be tolls. What’s your position on tolls? If you’re opposed to tolls, how do you propose to solve Connecticut’s transportation and infrastructure problems?”

Here are their answers, in the order we received them.


“The issue of tolls is the perfect example of how our state has been stuck in the same stale debate from the Hartford insiders for decades. The question should not just be “tolls or no tolls,” but: how are we going to rebuild our trains, roads and airports to get our state moving again? I am against tolls, but my plan goes way farther than any of my competitors’ by pledging to attract billions in private investment – not taxpayer money – to get our state out of traffic. This is the type of decision-making I’ve made in my career with investments all across the world.”

“My plan will get our trains moving again, bringing passengers from Grand Central to Stamford in 30 minutes, Bridgeport in 45, and New Haven in an hour – a game-changer for rail travelers. We’ll build new lanes on our major highways to clear up the congestion. And we’ll provide service to flyers in Southern Connecticut with the development of a major commercial airport. It’s all possible, and the details can be found on my website.”


“No tolls. It’s that simple. Tolls are just another tax, and I have signed a pledge not to raise taxes as Governor. The private sector is more than capable of helping fix our crumbling infrastructure. We don’t need trains and buses to nowhere. We need smart, locality focused, infrastructure reform.”


“I have been a leading opponent of installing tolls in Connecticut. Our proposal calls for prioritizing major transportation projects and paying for them without raising taxes and without tolls. And we don’t need a $10 million toll study to guide us forward. When tolls were eliminated from state highways and roads in 1985, there were 14 toll stations. Studies have called for the installation of up to 88 toll areas.”


Herbst’s campaign did not respond to multiple inquiries from Reclaim Connecticut.


Obsitnik’s campaign did not respond to multiple inquiries from Reclaim Connecticut.