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Where the 5 GOP Gov Candidates Stand On…Working With the Legislature

August 9, 2018 By Staff
Where the 5 GOP Gov Candidates Stand On…Working With the Legislature

The second part in Reclaim Connecticut's eight-part series, examining where the Republican gubernatorial candidates stand on key issues facing primary voters.

On August 14, Connecticut Republicans will go to the polls to decide on a five-way primary for the Republican nomination for governor.

They can choose between party-endorsed Mayor Mark Boughton (R-Danbury), former First Selectman Tim Herbst (R-Trumbull), businessman Steve Obsitnik, businessman Bob Stefanowski, and businessman David Stemerman.

Reclaim Connecticut reached out to all five candidates with eight key questions facing Republican voters who go to the polls on August 14. We will post their answers in an eight-part series.

For part two, we focused on working with the legislature. We asked the candidates: “A governor will need to work with legislators at the state and federal level. How do you propose to work with a) Connecticut’s mostly-Democrat federal delegation, and b) Connecticut’s state legislature if it’s Democrat-led?”

Here are their answers, in the order we received them.


“As I’ve presented myself to voters all across the state, I have said again and again that my first job is to win the governor’s race, and my second is to bring in a Republican legislature with me. We are on the cusp of retaking the Senate and House in this long-time blue state due to the complete and almost-universally understood incompetence of our Democratic leaders. Voters all around our state – Republicans, Independents and Democrats – are ready to pull the lever for Republicans because they see that what we are doing at present has been ruinous for our economy, for families and for the most vulnerable in our communities.”

“When I become the nominee, I will go into every swing district in the state and make the same argument I’ve been presenting: that it is time for a fresh, outside-the-box approach in Hartford to solve our toughest problems, and that a Republican legislature will allow us to take on these problems.”

“At the Federal level, I will work with both our President and our legislative delegation to get all we can for the people of Connecticut – to rebuild our roads, trains and airports, assist homeowners with crumbling foundations in Eastern Connecticut and increased federal funding for services that support our communities and families.”


“As a businessman, I know that profit does not have a partisan divide. I’ve worked with people from both sides of the aisle for my entire life. What Connecticut needs in its next governor is someone who can negotiate, build alliances and make tough decisions. In fact, I have been endorsed by three of my former competitors for Governor; Peter Lumaj, David Walker – former US Comptroller General, and Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti.”


“I am the only Republican candidate for governor who has served in the legislature. I understand how the process works and how to interact with officials at the state, local and federal levels. I understand the need to compromise but I will never compromise on my core values of taking a conservative, common sense approach to problem solving.”


Herbst’s campaign did not respond to multiple inquiries from Reclaim Connecticut.


Obsitnik’s campaign did not respond to multiple inquiries from Reclaim Connecticut.