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With Donation Threshold Cleared, Boughton Kicks Off Gubernatorial Bid

January 10, 2018 By Staff
With Donation Threshold Cleared, Boughton Kicks Off Gubernatorial Bid

The mayor of Danbury, an early favorite in the gubernatorial race for some Republicans, kicked off his 2018 bid on Tuesday.

Delayed but not deterred by a snowstorm last week, Mayor Mark Boughton (R-Danbury) launched his 2018 gubernatorial bid on Tuesday.

“Connecticut’s failures over the last 8 years are well documented. I am running for Governor to turn our state around. Connecticut needs to be a place where people want to live, play, and work, rather than leave as was the case not so long ago,” Boughton said in a press release announcing his campaign. “The time for partisan bickering at the cost of success for Connecticut’s residents is over.”

Boughton also made it official in a tweet sent Tuesday morning:

Boughton also announced he had cleared an important step in the gubernatorial process for any credible candidate:

Boughton had been exploring a run for statewide office for the last year, and thanks to the overwhelming support of more than 3,000 donors across 160 of Connecticut’s communities, has raised more than the $250,000 in donations needed to qualify for the state’s Citizens Election Program.

In effect, this means Boughton can focus, from now through the campaign’s end, on outreach and advocacy instead of fundraising.

“The level of support from all across Connecticut has been positive and encouraging,” Boughton said. “I am excited to continue crisscrossing the state to bring my pro-jobs agenda and message of fiscal responsibility to the people.”

Boughton is an early favorite for some Republicans, as he garnered more support (9.3 percent) than any other specific Republican candidate in a poll released last month.


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